Monday, August 16, 2021

How to Avoid Lower Back Injuries When Lifting

 Do you lift heavy items often?

Are you scared you might hurt your back?

Improperly lifting can be a trigger for chronic lower back pain for some. To avoid pain and strain as much as you can, you’ll want to plan out your lift first. 

  • Before lifting, determine if the item you want to lift is a reasonable weight for you. 
  • Find the best way to grip and lift the item. 
  • Think about the ending point of the lift. Where is the item going and what path will you take?
  • Clear the path by opening doors, removing any tripping hazards or obstructions that will make you hold the item for too long. 
  • Prepare the space where you want to put the item so it can easily be set down. 

Planning your lift in your head first can save your back!

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Are you practicing these techniques?

Need more help with your lower back pain?

For more assistance with lower back pain, consider chiropractic care. While not a cure for lower back pain, chiropractic can help treat lower back problems and improve your back’s health. 

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