Monday, August 2, 2021

Learn How to Move to Manage Lower Back Pain

 Are you straining the muscles in your back?

Want to avoid lower back aggravation?

When it comes to lower back pain, there’s no single big thing you can do to cure your pain. However, there are many small actions you can take to manage it. These small actions can help prevent further injury and pain and keep your back healthy!

  1. Don’t lift while extended out ‒ If you’re stretching horizontally to reach for a heavy item, there’s a good chance you’ll put strain your lower back. When your arms are fully extended in this position, your lower back will be compensating for your arms.
  2. Don’t lift sideways ‒ Get in front of the item you’re trying to lift. By twisting to the side to grab the item, you’ll put unnecessary stress on your back.
  3. Minimize repetitive movement ‒ Many necessary household chores can contribute to pain, such as raking, sweeping, and vacuuming. Do these actions in moderation. To avoid irritation, switch sides, left and right, when doing these tasks. 
  4. Keep moving ‒ Your back likes change, so vary your routine to include sitting, laying down, walking, and standing. Too much of one action alone is bad for your lower back!
  5. Stagger your legs to lift ‒ When you bend down, put one leg forward and the other back. This technique makes bending and lifting much safer by focusing your bodyweight away from your lower lumbar spine and dispersing it into the strong muscles of your forward leg and hip.
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Incorrect lifting technique

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Are you practicing these techniques?

Need more help with your lower back pain?

For more assistance with lower back pain, consider chiropractic care. While not a cure for lower back pain, chiropractic can help treat lower back problems and improve your back’s health. 

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