Monday, November 15, 2021

How Can You Relieve Sciatica?

Does your sciatica leave you in constant pain?

Want to know your treatment options?

A chiropractor can adjust the spine, reduce the spine’s stress, and pinpoint any imbalances that could be causing you pain. Dr. Thatcher will start by using the MyoVision scanner to do a surface EMG. This scan shows the main areas of stress on your spine and where Dr. Thatcher will focus. Dr. Thatcher will then correct any misalignment in a non-invasive way by using an activator tool to gently adjust the vertebrae. Depending on your unique situation and level of pain, you may need multiple sessions to relieve your sciatica pain.

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Dr. Thatcher can also teach you some exercises to keep pain away, such as the piriformis stretch, which can help stretch muscles that may come in contact with the sciatic nerve. You’ll also want to stay active because prolonged sitting or a sedentary lifestyle can aggravate your symptoms.

Relieve Your Sciatica at the Best Chiropractor in Ann Arbor 

If you’d like to end the shooting pain of sciatica, call Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser today! Our patients call us the best chiropractor in Ann Arbor for a reason.

 “I have been going to Dr. Thatcher for many, many years and whenever I leave his office, I feel like a new person. I would recommend anyone looking for a top-notch chiropractor to try Dr. Thatcher. You will not be sorry.”

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